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Homelessness cannot be swept away without offering viable options.

The New York State Council of Churches  is asking all faith and congregation leaders to join the Interfaith Assembly and the Open Hearts Initiative in signing a letter to Mayor Adams calling on his administration to immediately stop the inhumane "sweeping" of homeless men and women from their encampments and the subways until safe and viable solutions are developed that serve their needs. The full text for this letter and some signers available at this link.

Quoting the letter "As faith leaders, we agree that the streets and the subways are not homes. But the encampment and subway sweeps your administration is conducting are unjust, immoral, and inhumane. When you separate people from their belongings and makeshift homes on the streets, and failing to provide them with a better option, you are only shuffling people around and traumatizing them further. We unequivocally condemn these sweeps, and we call on you to provide housing to homeless New Yorkers." - Please add your name and join us in calling on the City Administration to work with the thousands of New Yorkers who are committed to creating a city that works for all of us.

Listen to a very informative and thought provoking conversation on this topic on last Thursday's Brian Lehrer show. To read a more comprehensive report on this issue, review the Interfaith Assembly's recent newsletter.

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