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The Child Poverty Reduction Act (S.2755C/A.1160C) is on the Governor's desk awaiting a signature. We’ve delivered our letter to the Governor urging her to swiftly sign the Child Poverty Reduction Act. Please also take a look at our statement -- feel free to share and use it to inform your own advocacy.

Another action to take:call the Governor!  518-474-1041.  Press 3 to get through COVID information, then 1 to leave a message or 2 to speak to an agent.

Call Script:

My name is ______ and I am calling as a ______ (your relation to children and/or the mission or your org) from _______ (your location), New York. I am reaching out to urge Governor Hochul to sign and enact the Child Poverty Reduction Act, S.2755C/A.1160C. Signing this legislation would serve as a declaration to all New Yorkers of the state’s intent to cut child poverty in half in ten years, while advancing racial equity.

For our children experiencing poverty, every day that we fail to prioritize ending child poverty puts them more at risk for immediate and long-term hardship. The experience of poverty and trauma in childhood can have long-lasting impacts on development. With the stakes so high, there should be no delay in tackling child poverty in every inch of our great state.

We urge you to sign the Child Poverty Reduction Act into law and create the conditions for New York to meaningfully turn the tide of child poverty once and for all.

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