Selected Sign On

Starbucks workers from coast-to-coast are coming together and organizing. Workers at more than 100 locations are in the process of deciding whether to unionize (with multiple locations already voting in favor of a union), igniting a national movement, and inspiring us all.

But the Seattle-based coffee giant doesn't see it that way. Starbucks pulled out every page of the union-busting book, going so far as to fire organizers at locations in multiple cities. Starbucks feels like it can bully workers into submission and end organizing efforts, but they are wrong.

We are coming to you today, because it's crucial that we stand in solidarity with the workers and call on Starbucks to end its repugnant campaign of union-busting.

For too long Starbucks has ignored workers' needs, subjecting workers to increasingly chaotic schedules, preventing workers from properly utilizing sick time, all the while paying low wages, with few benefits. Starbucks workers were fed up and knew the only way forward was to take collective action and organize.

Now, behind its union-busting campaign, Starbucks is trying to make things even worse for workers. But it won't work. We are calling Starbucks out, so please, add your name to the petition and let Starbucks know that it's time to END its union-busting.

We stand in solidarity with the Starbucks workers and continue to call out those who dare interfere with workers' freedom to organize and collectively bargain.

Let Starbucks workers know you stand with them and tell the company that its repugnant union-busting campaign must end NOW. Sign the petition.

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