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May 23, 2024

Temporary Protected Status Designations for Senegal, Guinea, & Mauritania

May 11, 2024

May 14 - #NY4ALL - Protect Immigrant NYers!

February 20, 2024

February 20 - Write a Letter - Ask Your Legislators to Fix Tier 6 to Protect Our Public Services

Legislative Asks 2021

Summary / Overview

Every fall, the Social Justice Commission prepares the legislative ask for State and some Federal legislation for the following year. This is to be used on our New York State Ecumenical Advocacy Day (usually in mid to late February. Below is the Legislative ask for 2021.

Link to the report

Legislative Report 2021

Summary / Overview

We offer an evaluative report of how we performed on the legislative ask, what state and federal legislation passed and were signed by the Governor and President respectively. We also identify legislation which is pending and what advocacy work remains to be done. Below is the August 2021 legislative review.

Link to the report

Varieties of Justice

Criminal Justice

We are committed to shaping a criminal justice system rooted in the premise of repentance, forgiveness, and restoration, not revenge and punishment.

Economic Justice

We are committed to policy solutions where we invest in our economy from the bottom up rather than the top down.

Environmental Justice

We strive to advocate for law and policies which will preserve the earth for all future generations.

Housing Justice

We commit ourselves to pass laws and garnering funds to build new affordable housing while offering supports to people to live in existing housing.

Racial/Immigration Justice

The United States is a nation of immigrants and that the strength of our society is rooted in welcoming immigrants.

Voting Justice

We strongly advocate for every person to have the right to vote and to make the voting process as easy as possible.

Health Care Justice

Health Care is a human right.